Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Indian Raid - An M&T scenario

On Monday night the Shed returned to the period of the French Indian Wars...its been a year since we last played this period and with three newcomers to the Muskets and Tomahawks rules I thought my Indian Raid scenario would be a perfect entry point.

The morning silence is about to be broken...

In this game the Indian players must secure plunder ands scalps. Each is worth points and the eventual winner gets the honour of leading the tribe. Plunder is hidden around the table (white tokens) and in the buildings. I have designed a series of cards for these ands they are drawn randomly when the plunder has been seized. No Indian figure can carry more than one plunder card.

Rolfs Indian warband arrives at the port (each player gets 3 plus leader)

On top of the plunder cards the braves are awarded one point for every scalp they collect. All scalps are worth the same. This has in the past allowed players to vent their full frustrations on my lead figures.

Plunder Cards

Scalp Cards

Of course the Indians don't get it their own way...each building has a settler card ranging from Little Old Lady Parsons through to a bunch of hardened old grizzly veteran trappers. In the game we played Monday night - Ray Burn John took the first scalp from Old Lady Parsons - boo hiss but in her dying breath she took out a brave. The trappers were not so fortunate as they became croppers to the violence of Rolf downthe Road.

Old Lady Parsons did not stand a chance

Elsewhere Steve Shot the Ox managed to find a pile of booze which intoxicated his braves for a good 4 phases.
'Pass the bottle'

As the warbands progress across the board the local inhabitants soon become wise to their antics. First up the guard from the blockhouse arrive under the command of  Colonel John Lewis, these were swiftly followed by the rangers and a small band of Indian Mohawks

Sneaky sneaky

Our rampaging Indians had to make a choice continue with the pillage or head for the safety of the riverbank. Did I mention that every dead brave was minus 1 on the final score? Of course greed gets in the way and our warbands pushed forward...not for long mind you...the muskets and rifles of the defenders began to tell.

telling rifle fire from the Rangers

The game is designed to last six turns - sufficient time for the Injuns to cross the board twice.

Ray Burn John soon realised that with the guard leaving the blockhouse the spoils inside were up for grabs. These he got but rather sadly he ran into a hail of lead as he approached the river. His leader lived to tell the tale but the shame of returning with -4 points has probably meant banishment from the tribe.
a very sad Ray Burn John contemplates life without his warbands

Steve Shot the OX (in real life Legatus Hedlius) managed much better not only did he manage to withdraw most of his plunder he also gained a number of scalps. The fire water will of course go down well around the campfire. Total score 14 points.

The Indians have to return to the river with their booty

Our winner was Rolf down the road, a rather violent fellow - 26 points and of these over half came from scalps. Congratulations to him.

It was a cracking game...the rules played brilliantly and we kept it all within a couple of hours...all too quick...

Not many of the civilians survived

Next Monday these guys are going to be play testing my VBCW BLAM game - The Angels have landed

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  1. Inspirational game!
    Who makes the setteler figures?

    1. the settlers are amid of foundry, redoubt and galloping major

  2. Stunning as always - love the cards idea consider it stolen

  3. Nice looking game, but I'm no fan of M&T rules personally. We use an adaptation of Astounding Tales for the F&IW.

  4. apologies for the mass scalping of 15 civilians and irregulars ... next time I'll seek out those pesky British regulars ... a cracking game !!!!!

  5. Great fun thanks! Fortunately I already have a number of F&IW figures so at least I won't have to goiand buy them...just paint them.

  6. That's a cracking set up you have there sir.