Sunday 21 September 2014

1930's Garage & Petrol Station - VBCW

So with my next big VBCW game fast approaching I thought I'd put together the new kit that recently launched by Warbases - their garage workshop.

For more info you can get it here

This really is a straight forward build and its a nice touch that they provide the roofing material.  The only area I had to cover on the roof was the second floor office. I used some kitchen roll with PVA to give an asphalt/lead effect.

Like all mdf buildings I personally detest the engraved stone work so like the others in my village this got the render job and then treated with a nice green finish.

I decided that the garage should have its own base so rummaging through my bits and bobs box I found some barrels and other paraphernalia.

The petrol pumps are some simple HO models bought on ebay and mounted on a plasticard base.

The little shop/office is actually am outhouse from time line miniatures. I actually bought the kit off ebay and then last week I discovered this company. I went and bought a number of their terrace house kits (more on that another time) but the service was fantastic - ordered Thursday arrived Saturday

Now somewhere in my shed are a number of old 1930 advertising signs - when I have found these Ill add them to the buildings. In the meantime here are a few more photos.

Until next time


  1. Fantastic work mate, love the old style petrol pumps

  2. Looking good. Warbases is a great company, a pleasure to do business with.

  3. That's a nice piece, Mr Shed! But, green walls....each to their own I suppose. Keep up the good work, always interested to see what's brewing in the Shed.

  4. Excellent work, smelling old good time...and oil...

  5. I love this. Even if it was full of partisans who wiped out my unit in one go!

  6. Hi - great stuff!
    How did you get the pebble dash effect on the walls...? Texture paint or spray...?
    Cheers :)

    1. Just applied sand and pva. best way to cover up mdf