Tuesday 23 September 2014

Halfords Camo Paint

Hi Folks

It was brought to my attention on one of the forums that Halfords (A UK Auto/Bicylcle chain) have started selling a product called Camo Paint...

It says on the label that it is suitable for models !!

Although I haven't tried the product yet some folks are raving about the quality. There are three products in the range - Green, Brown and Khaki

I bought the last two on the shelf...its clearly been popular.

When I got home I decided to tease my 16 year old daughter (studying Art for A Level) and say that through the magic of modern science they have invented a spray paint that spays different colours and that this was one of the first uses.

Needless to say that she fell for this hook line and sinker...'Dad...that's sick, that's so cool you can spray camo patterns from one can !' Ten minutes later it hit her social networking site.

Not wanting to embarrass her any further I told her the truth.

Next up the Missus (no talent for Art but she tries - bless her. 'Gosh...what will they think of next now can you fix that...

She still thinks it is camo paint...

Finally I showed to my son, rattled off the line and let it sink in....two minutes later I got the response...'bog off Dad' -

I might even get round to using the spray paint soon..


  1. Seems like the paint was worth its price, even before you used it :-)

  2. Replies
    1. If memory serves me right they were £7.99 each

  3. Nice. I'll have to have a look for that next time I'm in town.

    Did have to check the date though. I thought you'd updated the old Tartan paint story for gamers!!

  4. If its like the Halfords grey spray/primer I use it'll be good stuff - I'll be geeting some too, seems to be in stock at my local store. Have you tried the textured spray they do?

  5. I love the Halfords Grey Primer; if this is half as good, I'll be getting some.

  6. I’ve used this for a few projects They also do Camo Black which dries to a good Matt finish At the moment it’s selling for £7.99 per can. 05/05/20