Sunday, 28 September 2014

Rocky Escarpments part 2

Hi Folks

When I left you last on this project I'd filled in one of the box modules but of course I had 7 more to finish. With the sun shining this morning I headed out into the garden to tackle the remainder.

Part 1 of the build can be found here

As you will see from the pictures below it was a really productive day.

The shot below is the first box I finished with the filler now added over the polystyrene. This will take about 3 days to completely dry and at the point I can start on the ground and base work.

The first box built

a sense of scale? heres one cliff with a 28mm figure

In the above picture you can see the first box with the second alongside. The pre-cut side panels allow these to align up neatly.

I thought you might be interested to learn how I fix the cork bark/cliff faces to the polystyrene inners. Quite simple really....I use barbecue skewers.

Just drill a hole in the bark and then push the skewer through. Not forgetting to add glue !

Drive a skewer through a drilled hole - you can also see the sandwich of foam in this picture

The skewers are then trimmed flush

The cliff faces soon started to take on a life of their own.

The run consists of three modules - I am building 8

By playing around with the boxes I can build an infinite number of shapes,. I still need to build a few more corner pieces but I think it is starting to take shape.

A rocky outcrop - four corner pieces

another shot of the above

A rocky canyon

Two corners against the table edge
A cliff wall to the front, a hill in the middle

The next big job is to complete the filler process on these pieces ! With a bit of luck I might be able to get these done next week

Until next time

Part 3 is now done and can be found here

Part 3


  1. These are excellent! Where do you get your bark from?

    1. Bought from a local Garden Centre - they have a really big reptile and aquarium fish section

  2. Even at this stage these look most convincing. Can't wait to see them a step further along.

  3. Very Indianna Jones! Looking forward to seeing the final look!

  4. Very nice work and as already said effective looking already.

  5. Those are really very nice. Might take some inspiration from these!