Saturday 1 April 2023

Battle of Salamanca in 28mm

Since we moved into the new shed there has been a clamouring for me to break out my Peninsular War Napoleonic's collection and put on a big game. It was going to be interesting to see how the big table would fare.

Following a short consultation with the chaps we elected to refight the Battle of Salamanca using the scenario outlined in the warlord Games Albion Triumphant book. Its relatively straightforward, two relatively evenly matched sides taking eacjh other on over a number of terrain objectives. To cater for the large battle the author elected to represent units as brigades with Divisional commanders. 

Fortunately I just about had sufficient troops with over 20 Brigades on each side plus cavalry and guns. If anything the table looked a little sparse and we could have probably fought on a smaller footprint. It did however look fabulous.

The following photos are taken from the two nights gaming and are in no particular order. The buildings are just on the table to create some Spanish flavour. The Windmill is from Charlie Foxtrot models and is a great piece of kit.

The French were effectively deployed in column on the higher ground and were in danger of being overrun quite quickly by the advancing Allied troops. In the real battle Wellington 'surprised' the French who thought they were chasing the British rearguard.

French cavalry providing support to Thomieres division

Across the centre the thin red line advanced. In both games the British musketry was telling

We fought this game twice and in both cases Wellingtons victory was assured  - the French just could coordinate their defence nor mount a serious attack.

Supporting the Brits were several Portuguese units - I think this was the first game I had deployed all six units - I need more !

Mass cavalry battle on the British right - the British heavies decimating the lighter French horse

In both games the Greater Arapilees (a hill on the field) was hotly contested

French troops advance top the front

French Dragoons survey the field

Fighting in the centre

Pictue below shows half the table - the French right flank

A small French victor as a column crashes into a British line

Contesting the hill

All in all a thoroughly good game and one that works well for six players in an evening. 

More soon



  1. Really fine looking battle. Great to see She'd Mk2 back in action.

  2. A fantastic looking game, thanks for the Napoleonic eye candy.