Sunday, 23 April 2023

Some very exciting news!!

Good Morning All

Delighted to announce some very exciting news today. As of this morning the Shed Wars Experience is live.

What do I hear you ask is the Shed Wars Experience?

Please let me start from the beginning. If you have been following this blog over the last few months you will be aware that we recently moved from Surbiton to the the leafy woods of Surrey near Woking. The new place, despite needing considerable work, had an old office on site that was to become my new games room. This room is a considerable upgrade on the last shed and over the winter it has been completely refurbished. It was always my intention to broaden the scope of Shed Wars and share my passion for this wonderful hobby with others.

The Shed Wars Experience is the opportunity for likeminded gamers to visit, participate in umpire hosted games using my extensive collection of 28mm figures and terrain. Each month I will be hosting a themed set of games for up to six players, for example one event focusses on Invasion Britain where players can refight Hastings, the Roman attack on Mona and relive the exploits of Dad's Army. Such an event would be hosted over a long weekend (from Friday Afternoon to Sunday lunchtime). This experience comes with a price of £150/head with group discounts available.

Full details of all the events are listed on the website (details below).

Furthermore I am offering a full custom option where guests can create their own events, pick their own dates where available (minimum of one days gaming). Prices available on inquiry.

All events will be capped at six guests thereby ensuring that all have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the table top action and many of the games I will be hosting have been play tested in the 'old shed'. These can all be read about in the blogs history, and of course many of these will now benefit from an even bigger table !

In time the Shed Wars Experience will be able to offer onsite accommodation but for the moment guests travelling from afar and abroad will need to plan their own overnight stays if required.  

The Shed Wars Experience is about 20 minutes drive time from Heathrow and 45 mins from Gatwick (traffic permitting). The area has a host of other attractions with Thorpe Park, Windsor, Brooklands and the RHS at Wisley all a stones throw away. Central London is only 30 minutes by train.

Full details of the Shed Wars Experience can be found here


Please do pass this onto your friends, clubs and interested parties. In the coming weeks I'll be announcing more events, news and merchandise.

I am also open to any sponsorship opportunities.