Friday 24 March 2023

Another new game in the Shed

Morning all

The Shed is now properly up and running !! There are still some bits to do in the building but it is almost complete.

A few pictures from a recent Dark Ages game...

Titled the Harrowing of the North - three Norman Warlords enter the table to destroy the fields, crops and buildings of the rebellious Saxons. Using Hail Caesar rules with my 28mm collection great fun was had by all.

Beginning to realise that the larger table allows for a great deal more room for manuoever

The Saxons were mostly simply armed Fyrd

Trying to hold back the armoured horse

Stiff resistance was offered and a Saxon victory declared

Up next will be our refight of Salamanca - table set for action

and the troops mass


  1. Nice to see the Shed coming into action!

  2. Bugger me that’s a ruddy big table. Actually I think it’s too big to count as “table”. Wow.

  3. Fantastic looking game and wonderful looking table, thanks for sharing.
    I will now sob softly in my 9 x 6 work room and dream of such luxury 😂.


  4. It is a lovely set up, you lucky so and so.