Sunday, 5 March 2023

The Shed - onto the final stretch and the inaugural game

Good Morning All

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Apologies for the radio silence as things have been rather hectic in the last few days but I now find myself with some spare time (truth be told Mrs Shed and Shed-daughter have gone off to the Canary Islands for a week) and aside from some dog walking and bit of housework I am going to take a break. Since October when we bought the new place I have been working flat out and the batteries need a recharge.

I mentioned dog walking - well The Shed household has a new family member. Gandalf is a Labradoodle puppy of 8 months and we have owned him since he as about 8 weeks old. He's fit in very quickly and even gets on with the cats !!

Gandalf at 10 weeks - 

Gandalf at 8 months - now somewhat bigger at over 30kg

Anyway that is enough of my dog - onto news from the Shed...

The last two weeks has been spent sorting the Shed out - namely finding a home for my vast terrain and figure collection. The fact of the matter is that the new shed was not big enough to store everything and as a result quite a lot has had to be stored in one of the other outbuildings.

The shed was formerly an office and came with a large number of metal cabinets and desks. I kept back some of these from the clearance and they have now been pressed back into service. Three large floor to ceiling cabinets have now been placed along one wall and hold all my figures.

These have been framed in timber and await cupboard doors. The section to the left were two old cabinets with drawer runners installed. I cut these down to fit my Khartoum and Peninsular War terrain.

They only just fit !

The cupboard doors have now been cut and once painted the same green used for the kitchen should be hung in the next month.

Up next are a series of bookshelves built from ply reclaimed from the old shed.

I built six of these units and although they need some tidying up they are now painted and hold a large number of my gaming books - as you can see from the picture below my 'movie' posters are also starting to grace the walls.

The following set of photos are a series taking in the whole games room...with the first lay of the table across the room, This is 17ft long by 6ft deep.

Looking back up the room towards the kitchen...

This area will eventually be my painting area and work desk.

As mentioned above the table runs across the room - I can squeeze in an 18ft table lengthways as seen below - but it feels much tighter for the players to move around. I do have flexibility to re configure things.

So on Monday 7 of my gaming friends turned up to to christen the almost finished shed and fight out an epic ECW game using Pike & Shotte.

Thank you to Vince for some of these photos

Once again a big thank you to these chaps for helping out in the move and to all those who have offered moral and physical support during these works.

So the new shed is up and running !


  1. Fantastic looking shed, I can dream of such a wonderful gaming pad.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Great inaugural game in a wonderfully appointed gamer room.

  3. Wow! Your new place looks tremendous! 17th feet table is a proper length for a good game. By the way, Gandalf is a great name for a dog!

    1. Thanks Bartek - hope you are well. Gandalf seems to like his name

  4. Quite wonderful Eric, quite wonderful.

  5. Impressive, indeed! Love the name for the dog.

  6. Wow - that's awesome. Can't believe that is the same shed you started with when you moved it ... your hard work has paid off. Inaugural game looks great! Happy to see you back in the saddle!

    1. Its been hard graft but the outcome has both delighted me but more importantly my gaming friends

  7. Congratulations on finishing the new shed and getting an actual game in!

    1. Not finished yet !!! But at least the games can commence

  8. It's good to see the new shed up and running. What a great gaming space.

    Also, welcome to the new good boy!