Tuesday 21 July 2020

A Dawn Raid - Action in the Very British Civil War

Good Afternoon All

Once again the Shed was able to reconvene on Monday for another game. This time we headed off to the late thirties for a spot of Very British Civil War Action using Bolt Action Rules.

A simple summary of the game:

Its at the height of the war and the British Union of Fascists are now receiving plentiful supplies of munitions and vehicles from their 'supporters' in Germany and Italy. Opposition forces have learned that a transport ship called the Katie Jane has just docked and is unloading a number of armoured vehicles.

The Port of Little Snatch

A decision was taken to send in a suicide mission lead by the COrnish Communist Kollective (COCK) and supported by some Anglican regulars will assault the docks and the Village of Little Minge from the seaward size. This force would be assembled and sent in on a variety of boats at hand. A small armoured force would be available in support and carried in on landing craft.

(the total Allied force consisted of about a dozen rifle squads, support weapons and four light tanks)

The BUF defenders (smaller in number) are scattered across the docks and the thiurd Postal Company , if on time, would deliver support in the Village. The attackers outnumbered the defenders 3 to 2.

The primary objectives for the raiding force were to destroy the six major building in the docks. These contain the munitions, fuel and vehicles.

Mission objectives in the port district

There is not going to a full aar but hopefully the pictures tell the story....

A small armada of ships sail and steam into Little Snatch bay...

The beaches are undefended - the postal unit has turned up !

The facsist HMG in the Lighthouse is quickly taken out by ship board weapons

Hitting the Beach COCK force rushes ashore...straight towards the general store for some cider

More troops hit the beach as ineffective mortar fire fails to hit any boats (see smoke in background)

The quiet lanes of Little Snatch are going to get very messy quite soon

The BUF take up defensive positions in the port area

The port is bisected by the canal affording some protection

The fuel depot is a likely target

as is the Katie-Jane - armour has just been unloaded

A BUF fighter screams across the beach hitting nothing !

The forces are ashore and are piling inshore via the old docks and passed the light house

The posties finally arrive for some serious house to house fighting - they got beaten back

The Allied force began fighting their way insure with the hardest nut to crack being the Trueman Arms pub (top right)

Posties tank (Big Red) takes out two enemy tanks and two squads befor succumbing to Allied air power

COCK and their Anglican Allies are into the Port with two warehouses destroyed very quickly. The speed of their advance (and dice rolling) was have a telling affect

The final BUF defenders lose the bridge onto the second half of the port. With no reserves the Port falls to the raiding force

Its all over - the daring do mission was a success and at least 50% of the attackers can go home

This was a fun game, played with great speed and humour. Thanks to Colin (the overall star) , John and Stephen for a great night

More soon


  1. Impressive as always! Been a while since I've seen you pull out the VBCW - feeling rebellious? :-)

    1. cheers Jay - we are on a roll at the moment. Want to get all my collections out before the potential second Lockdown ;-)

  2. Looks great...glad to see the good guys won!!

    1. I'd like to say just.....but Colin played a blinder and my/stephen's dice were loaded against us

  3. Great photos, looks like a fun game.

  4. Great looking game, some of the place names sound familiar, I may have been there ;)

  5. A splendid looking game Eric...
    It looked like a lot of fun...

    All the best. Aly

  6. A terrific looking game. Great AAR.

  7. Wonderful looking stuff, high time I dusted off my Worcester Campaign, thanks for posting.

  8. Great looking game! That table is always an inspiration when I see it out. I really must try and emulate it one of these days :)

    1. Thank you Ben - comments such as these help to maintain the mojo

  9. A great table to fight over. Would I be right in thinking you use it at wargaming shows, or is just for local comsumption? Cheers Greg

    1. Just local consumption...with the exception of BLAM (which takes place annually in my local pub) very little ever leaves the shed.

  10. Hi Eric- This is a very nice set of terrain and buildings - I appreciate that you've put a lot of effort in building and assembling it - marvelous job indeed. I do like VBCW and you've set a great example of how good it can be. Best Wishes. KEV. (Sydney- Australia).

  11. Great fun - love the names & chocolate tank!

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