Friday, 13 March 2020

Time for another Shed extension - part 1

Good evening All

Apologies for the lack of posts recently but as always real life sometimes gets in the way. The good news is that I now have a bit of spare time on my hands and whilst trying to avoid catching the dreaded C virus I have been extremely busy on all thing wargames.

My WOTR project is coming on a pace with almost 200+ figures now painted and I'll post up some pictures very soon. However over the last couple of days I have taken advantage of the reasonable weather and started on the next shed extension.

Another extension I hear you cry !

Yup following the last build a couple of years back there was always one more build on the shed to be done.

Previous build here

This is in part motivated by the shift to big classic 28mm wargames in the table is just not big enough and the new extension I hope will rectify this.

Ultimately the shed will sport a much deeper 6ft table. The extension will also create more space for the gamers and create (hopefully) a better environment.

The picture below shows the current room I am extending and the outside of the shed before I started work...the room being extended is at the far right

The main games table seen below is five foot wide at the far - the objective is make this deeper

Onto the build over the last couple of days...

As you can see from the picture below my concrete base extends out about a metre from the original build. By building onto this I can extend the shed building outwards. The starting point was to get the floor joists down.

Onto this the floor boards were added...a few jumps ensured it was all secure

With the floor down my attention turned to the walls...just a simple frame build

Which after much measuring and cutting started to take gaming friend Mark (who is still playing catchup on his Roman Army painting) recently installed a new conservatory. Rather fortuitously he game me a few windows. The first of which has gone into the end wall.

I then recycled the windows from the wall that is being demolished into the new frame. This was and absolute pain getting them out but worthwhile in the end.

You can also see that the roof has gone on although its not fixed in place.

And then it was onto the cladding...this took a long time but fortunately all my initial calculations were spot on and I literally had just enough wood.

Finally clad...

Starting this weekend, I need to give the exterior a coat of paint and fix down the roof. Then I shall break through and share with you the internal progress.

More soon & stay safe in these troubling times

Eric the Shed

part two can be found HERE


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  2. That extra couple of feet will make a huge difference internally. Looking forward to seeing this develop.

  3. Amazing! it is becoming like Hampton Court Palace with all these additions and extensions over time!

  4. What a brilliant expansion. Enjoy your efforts throughout the coming years.

  5. You make it look easy! More space is always good.

  6. Maybe next time you can go up and add a second floor! 😀

  7. Ooo marvellous. Wish I was as handy as you!

  8. I see a new business venture as eric the wargames sheds .... !!!!

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