Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Shed extension begins....part 1

The Original Shed was erected some 12 years ago - it was only a small affair 9ft x15ft - but it was great and was dominated by a 5ft x 12ft table with all the storage underneath.

Six years ago I ran out of space in the original so added another 9ft in length to the original shed. So as of today my shed is 9ft x 24ft and sadly I have run out of room again.

Too many projects, too many games and increasingly too many interested gamers who want to play in the shed...

So I need to extend again...

Fortunately Mrs Shed has agreed (probably that she knows that this will make me happy and keeps me from bringing the hobby inside) on the proviso that she gets a slice of the new shed to store some stuff. So off to the planning stage...

We have a local Bulgarian builder who put down the last extension base for a grand (£1k for non UK residents) and I was expecting something similar this time. When his quote for £4k arrived I virtually choked and decided to go it alone. A quick call to the local concrete firm confirmed I could get delivery for £1,000 so I had to create the base area myself.

Fortunately Shedson is broke and with me not having to recognise the living wage he is quite cheap.

Shedson sorting out the hardcore

Despite turning up for duties late (we agreed 9am Sunday Morning ...he turned up at 11.30) his motivation with spade, drill, saw and in particular sledge hammer made this old man proud.

Within a few hours we had levelled the area, dug the trenches, laid the boards and chucked in the hardcore.

The final shed will be nearly 40ft long 

So I sit here with a glass of wine thinking about the next step in the shed extension.....

Better phone that cement company tomorrow...

part 2 heres


  1. We all need more storage.....good luck I might get a shed just to store stuff out of my gaming dungeon 😀

  2. Forty feet! That's one hell of a shed!!

  3. Now that is a fantastic play pen... :-)
    Serious envy here.

  4. How will you attach the Shedstension to the original ?
    Have you thought of letting the shed out for wedding receptions?

  5. I'm waiting for the first floor to be added!!

  6. I'm waiting for the first floor to be added!!

  7. A magnificent enterprise! I look forward to seeing the finished project.

  8. Great project - I think you'll end up with a barn rather than a shed!

  9. Yes, we were quoted pushing £3000 for the base of our shed last year but the Old Bat got them down to £1000 cash. £4000 is steep, even by Surrey prices! It is going to be awesome!

  10. If you ever need an extra pair of hands .....

  11. Excelsior! Brings to mind...

  12. What a project! 40' of shed...

    No rebar or wire in the concrete?

  13. Reminds me of the installation of my Battleshed (24' x 12') a few years ago. Three very long, back-breaking weekends digging foundations, filling with hardcore, laying concrete flagtones and brickwork - in pouring rain as I remember - just in time for a large truck to arrive with all pre-fabricated sections to be assembled. Luckily my brother-in -law helped out. Worth all the sweat and blisters though!