Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Sharpe & Harper

If you have been fopllowing the blog you will be aware that I have set my Fist Full of Lead games in the world of Sharpe & Harper  - this of course meant that I would need suitable figures. In particular I would need a Harper Figure with his seven barrelled Nock musket.

By chance I was browsing ebay and came across two figures perfect for my needs. I believe that they were manufactured by Chiltern Games but I cant find them on the website.

As you can see in the picture below they fit well in size with the Perry and Warlord Rifle ranges

Whilst painting up Sharpe I decided to add a bit of extra clutter to my Peninsular town. Some time ago I bought two Olive trees from Noch - these are a bit to small to be stand alone trees but they work quite well as town plants. The larger one is planted in a coaster the other on a wooden disk. The brickwork has been done using eva foam

The board these sit on is a new village board (30 cm x 30cm) which can used as a town square - just swap the planted tree for a fountain..

In the background are three more planters using some aquarium foliage

Sharpe & Harpers adventures will return after Easter


  1. Nicely done! Very versatile.

  2. SHQ who now own them list them under their Victorian characters , as Victoria was born in 1819 .. confusion reigns . http://www.shqminiatures.co.uk/Ranges/25mmFantasy/fantasymain.php?UID=2018040415433678.146.54.228

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