Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Sharpe's Brest

A couple of weeks ago I ran another episode of Sharpes Alternative adventures in the Shed using the Fist Full of Lead rules  - the first of the these can be found here

Sharpes Pursuit

Sharpes Hazard

This time our brave Riflemen has been signed up for a bit of a suicide mission - he has to enter the French Naval port of Brest and kidnap the infamous Irish agitator known as Father Ted. The British authorities are concerned that this man might be successful in leading a rebellion in Ireland and thereby opening a new front front for Napoloeon against the British.

Sharpe would enter the city from the landward side and make his way to where Father Ted was reported to be hiding. Sounds simple ...well the Royal Navy has other plans. During Sharpes mission they have decided to bombard the city from off shore. The Royal Navy's latest three decker HMS Indecisive is shelling  the port.

Each turn a number of random rounds will land in the city potentially destroying buildings, ships and of course our players figures.

Unfortunately I didn't take enough photos in game to write up a full AAR but I was able to capture some shots of the table before I cleared it all away. I hope you agree that the pictures do suggest an early 19th century port.

What of Sharpe - well sadly he failed his mission  - no promotion yet !. Father Ted escaped to the Naval Fort. Most of the chosen men died and HMS Indecisive's newly promoted captain Horatio Trumpetsucker had a really bad day at the office.

Sharpe will return soon...

Onto the pictures

Come back soon


  1. Great layout, very 19thC. Being ex-Navy I particularly liked the name of the ship which more behoves our modern Navy.

  2. Fantastic setup, seriously impressed (and a little jealous!).

  3. Superb set-up! And it's amazing that something went right for Father Ted. It's probably because Dougall and Jack weren't around.