Saturday, 31 March 2018

New Forces for my Sudan Project part 15

Hi Folks

The Sudan Project is going strong with more forces now making their way to the battlefield - if you want to see the previous post the First Battle head here part 14)

First yp we have some Colonial Reinforcement a - Sikh Brigade all the way from India.

These are all Perry Miniatures

and of course we need some Bengal Lancers (again Perry)

Next up we have some Bashi Bazooks in the employ of the Egyptians - these were given a rather colourful colour scheme - 16 foot and 12 mounted troops (once again they are all Perry)

More soon - including the Nile and the Gunboats


  1. Beautiful painting, great looking troops...and scenery!

  2. Excellent. I'm building a Sudan force as well.

  3. they look very nice , I guess NW Frontier is on as well .

    1. Shhhsssh - just ordered 100+ Afghans but don't tell anybody

  4. Hi Eric - Firstly I cannot believe that I have missed your wonderful blog over so many years! It truly is a cracker! Great to see you enjoying the Sudan amongst your interests and I hear great things about the BP rules for the period. I will continue to keep a good eye on your progress. ALL THE VERY BEST.