Friday, 25 August 2017

Napoleonic Project Part 12 - British Cavalry Complete !

Good Afternoon

First up for the lack of comms in the past two months - since leaving my last job the 'Shed' Family has been travelling extensively - three weeks in Indo China followed by a week in the Med - aside from these four weeks away I have been busy sorting out my garden, looking for new employment ( done ;-)) and of course using the opportunity to crack on with my rather large Napoleonic project. Over the next few days this should be completed and the first battle is imminent !

In the meantime allow me to introduce the British Cavalry - up until now I'd only finished one unit of Light Dragoons.

Part 11 of this project can be found here

Here come the rest - Charge !!

British Heavy Dragoons courtesy of Warlord Games - a review of the box set can be found here

I decided I preferred the helmets to the floppy bicornes

Following the heavy dragoons we have the Kings Blues & Royals - again Warlord Games

Swift on the heels of the Heavies we have two regiments of light Dragoons (Perry). These have been painted as the 1st and 2nd Regiments of the KGL

Finally a unit of KGL Hussars - the first regiment. These are from Perry

This brings the total number of British/Allied Cavalry units to 6 - a passable number to start with

Up very soon will be the French Cavalry


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