Wednesday 5 July 2017

40 Years ago - A trip down memory lane

Good Morning All

Its a beautiful summer's morning here in SW London and its all right in my little world, that is apart from the fact that I got made redundant last Friday. The writing was on the wall that this was going to happen as far back as Christmas so when it did happen I was not too surprised.

At the moment I am confident a new career lies just around the corner and who knows maybe something completely different. The timing works out well and this weekend the Shed family jets off to SE Asia to tour Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. The three week break will do us all good.

Anyway I digress and I find that with this new found freedom I am cracking on with those jobs that have been put off too long and clearing a lot of clutter in our lives. This morning I dragged out a big box of old magazines and discovered that my White Dwarf collection is still there. Prompted by a request on the Lead Adventure Forum for back issues of said magazine I though I would scan through some of the copies.

To my surprise issue 1 states that it was published in 1977 - June/July - that makes it 40 years old. This means they have been in my possession since I was 12 years old - that is very scary.

I have got pretty much every issue published up to issue 60 - some are in great conditions others have not fared as well. Depending upon the offer I receive I may choose to sell bit would be interested in the thoughts of my followers before I take the plunge

The following pictures are some of my favourite covers

Catch up soon...


  1. If I were you I'd sell a limb or three before letting them go!

  2. Sorry to hear of your change in circumstances Eric, but do all enjoy your holiday and come back refreshed to find that new direction.

  3. Sorry to hear about the redundancy - hopefully another job won't be long in coming your way.

    I think WD39 or 40 was my first and I bought most up to about issue 80. Sadly they are long gone.

    Have a great holiday mate :)

  4. enjoy your holiday and best wishes for the future.

    that was certainly the golden era for WDwarf and UK rpg too. My bro' used to have pretty much those first 60 or so too.

  5. Redundancy can be a terrible body blow, but good to hear that your overall circumstances allow it to be seen as one door closing and another about to open. Enjoys your hols ...... but three weeks without the great shed table, how will you cope :-)

    I like these 40 year flash backs - I have my own and the thought that passions ignited as a teenager are still with me and are as strong as ever is something that brings a smile.

  6. Sorry to hear about the redundancy, been through it myself not a nice thing but good luck on the future. Enjoy your trip, China for me in September.

  7. On a positive note, when I was made redundant it gave me the impedes to write for the wargame press and produce a book or two.

    I've found the new freedom to be most refreshing.

    Good luck and KEEP HOLD OF THEM.


  8. The concept of you having more time on your hands is scary for the wargaming world.....I am not sure there are enough figures left to paint ! Hopefully things settle soon 😀

  9. Sorry to learn of your redundancy. I guess knowing since the New Year that it was on the cards softens the blow.

    As for the White Dwarf issues, I sold quite a number of them on FleaBay for a decent amount of money before I emigrated.

  10. Really vexing to hear of your redundancy, I do hope something positive comes out of it. I am delighted to see your old White Dwarves which bring back memories for me. Have a great holiday

  11. regardless issue one should be worth a lotta lotta money , I wonder if it is though ? If you feel the urge to actually get rid of , photocopy it just in case you miss it .

  12. Sorry to hear about your redundancy. Hopefully that next job is right around the corner, and it sounds like you are enjoying your free time.

    Regarding the magazines, I believe some of them have value, although in this age of scans and blogs, quite a lot of the material is already available to those who want the content, and not the collectible.

  13. Enjoy your Holiday, return refreshed and I'm sure something just right will just happen. All the best.

  14. Have a great holiday, I'm sure you'll find something to suit when you get back, nice slug of nostalgia with the WDs!
    Best Iain

  15. Funny how desperately I'm looking forward to your next blog post. I really enjoy your reading your projects and they serve as excellent motivation for tackling my lead/plastic mounts of unpainted miniatures :)
    Enjoy your vacation and good luck on your job hunt.

  16. Lots of memories in those covers. My 1st issues must have been early teens or a little earlier. Sadly they all vanished when I moved down south back in the 80s.