Saturday, 26 August 2017

Napoleonic Project Part 13 - French Cavalry Finished

Hi Folks

Part 12 can be found here

Proud to parade the rest of the French Cavalry - aside from these shown you may recall I have painted a Dragoon, Cuirassier, and Chevaux units. The French now have 8 regiments to take to the field.

First up the lancers from Warlord Games - these are nice simple figures but only six lances are use able from the box of 12 (the rest are too britlle)

Following the lancers come two units of Warlord Games Hussars -

As befitting these flamboyant chaps they are the most colourful on the table

More to come very soon

And the final part of this project can be found here


  1. Cracking work Eric. A real shame about the brittle lances. Could they not be replaced with wire?

  2. Nice, I would have used brass lances though.

  3. Great work. Shame about the lances

  4. beautiful work as always, i agree shame about the lances, perhaps a sturdier replacement can be found?

  5. More lovely work, I've got as far as assembling and priming my French cavalry, be a while before they're painted though!
    Best Iain

  6. Nice work, indeed! I'd replace those lances with piano wire.

  7. Fantastic work, great to see so many cavalry all ready for the offing.