Saturday, 20 February 2016

ECW Cavalry Part 9

Just on time

Part 8 can be found here...

Inspired by one of my earliest memories from the famous Look & Learn magazines here comes perhaps my favourite unit so far...

One of the advantages of painting so many horse in one go was the option to sort the various riders into distinct groups (eg with sash, without sash etc) for this unit I was ale to complete all the riders in armour including tassets.

Painting those black and yellow hoops were a pain but I think worth it...

The target I set myself to deliver is really helping my to push forward and at this rate I'll have the cavalry completed in no time..

So with three down I have two left to that its the weekend I should be able to get both these done in the next 24 hours.

part 10 can be found here


  1. And another nice regiment of horse rolls off your table. This challenge of yours is going well :)

  2. Fine looking regiment - liked the hooped coat sleeves