Thursday, 31 January 2013

Pirate Ship - 'Cerberus'

Now that I have been finally able to climb off my death bed - feeling much much better I decided that I had better crack on with this Pirate adventure before I run out of steam.

With Pirate Town nearly completed (more to follow)  I finally get to turn my attention to the ships !

At the moment I only have the Ainsty Man O war on the painting table but it is a fine beast and with this in mind it has been christened 'the Cerberus' after the three headed dog that guards hell.
The Ainsty boat can be sourced direct (

It doesn't come in cheap at £75 but you get a lot of resin and metal. It also looks fabulous.

An earlier shot of when I first purchased the boat. Should add that the boat comes with three dowels as masts.

The squid will be adapted for game play...

Unfortunately the pack I bought from those good folks at Ainsty did not come with any instructions so if I have stuck things in the wrong place, upside side etc please forgive me.

I first glued in, using superglue all the guns, stairs and railings - the easy bits.

And those Ainsty Cannon look great on the top deck !

The photo below shows the majority of metal castings stuck on once I had given the hull and guns its first primer in black. It does help to show off the various bits and could help others in the future.

The only thing the ship was missing was a ships wheel. Not sure if the boat is supplied with one though, will check. This was easily rectified and a spare was ordered from games of war ( These guys also have a nice range of small boats etc so I will be returning.

The bow end and anchors caused no end of thinking and headaches, in the end I settled on this...the anchor on the right will be pulled back & lashed to the boat.

A side shot including rigging fixing points...

Lets see some Pirates on the boat...

More to come very soon...


  1. That's a dear bit of kit!! But looks great!

  2. Very nice boat...and pirates!

  3. nice ship - looking good so far

    -- Allan

  4. Yes, it is nice ship building. The giant squid surely does get the imaginative juices boiling.

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