Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Basil the Wargaming Hamster part 1.....

Given that Basil is a bit of a recluse but does seem to excite various folks on the blog I think it only fair that every so often he gets his own page - hes a bit old and grumpy and very arthritic but hey maybe we can turn him into a superstar...

Basil, the Wargaming Hamster his story so far....

Last seen opening the Chapel of St Basils (renamed)


NO Animals have been hurt in the production of this post...


  1. LMAO Brilliant Guinea Pigs for the world!!

  2. Basil looks suspiciously like BOO. Was this his pseudonym from his computer gaming days before he took up the very serious pursuit of terrifying wargaming figures?

    Is this actually his second age of fame?

    1. Wow...I forgot about boo and minsc from baldurs gate

  3. Wonderful Hamster - is he quite in scale?

  4. Great stuff, this looks like an episode of 'Tales of the Riverbank' with Hammy the Hamster. Looking forward to part 2.

  5. Love it - now all you need is a miniature Peruvian folk band to keep the Fuzzy Death at bay and you're halfway to one of the best South Park episodes ever.