Friday 25 January 2013

A painting useful tool

Now I base all my 28mm figures on steel washers, it adds weight to the unit and allows me to fix magnetic paper into the figure trays to stop them rolling around. If you dont use steel bases then this tool is not for you.

A few weeks back I was clearing out some cupboards and discovered this tool - its a telescopic pole with a magnet on the end. It has a comfortable grip and the top spins. I believe it is used in the motoring trade to recover metal objects that have fallen into an engine bay.

This has revelutionised my painting. A figure sticks by the base to the magnet - and I can hold the figure in comfort.

I have searched google and this is the thing I am talking about. Some of them seem to have pen style handles and others like the one below - like a golf club - I would recommend the latter.

For £4 you will not be disappointed



  1. Nice I use old GW paint pots with blue tack on the top.

  2. Nice tip, I follow Smillies method currently :D

  3. Heh, you just revolutionized my painting!!

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