Sunday 20 August 2023

Herding Cats - a response from Dan @ Wargames Illustrated

A few weeks ago I invited Dan Falconbridge of Wargames Illustrated, Andy Callan of Billhooks fame, Nick Eyre of Northstar Games & Richard Lloyd, Captain Blood and painter extraordinaire to a weekend big Billhooks game - the post of the game can be found HERE..

For those interested from left - Eric the Shed, Captain Blood, Mark F (my longstanding wargames partner), Andy Callan, Nick Eyre...

The game was based on a what if scenario called the Battle of Pontefract

I have now just discovered that Dan posted his own take of the weekend on the Wargames Illustrated Blog. The link to his article can be found HERE . Dan has been extremely complementary about the game and the Shed Wars hospitality. Thank you Sir !

Pictures courtesy of Wargames Illustrated...

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  1. Nice table we also like to go large. You may like our Tarawa board ....