Wednesday 16 August 2023

An update of recent games

Morning All

July was a strange old month here - the weather has been pretty awful with rain most days and the temperatures barely creeping above 20 degrees - very unseasonal BUT very welcome. Its meant that I have been able to spend a great deal of time managing our new estate without suffering the affects of heatstroke ;-)

This does mean that wargaming activities have been limited to the regular monday night gaming sessions and very little has been done to either the new shed or adding more forces to my completed armies. Saying that a few new units have been completed.

The following pictures highlight a few games that have taken place in the Shed over the last couple of months...

Refight of Arsuf - this time with over 1000 figures on the table ! 

A Napoloeonic Peninsular Battle

And a Rome versus Rome Game...sadly only one picture

More soon


  1. Beautiful table and figures. Here's to more games for you soon.

  2. Always good to see a wargame or two in glorious Shedvision!

  3. Both the first two games looked so impressive! So many beautifully painted figures and a large space to play on too - colour me envious sir.