Saturday 26 November 2022

The NEW Shed part 2

Good Morning All

part 1 can be found HERE

Last weekend several of my gaming friends volunteered to help empty the old shed and transport the collection to the new premises. I don't think any of them truly believed how much stuff I had accumulated over the last 20 odd years.

Fortified with bacon sandwiches and coffee it took about two hours for eight of us to empty the old shed and to load up one large van and four cars. Two estate cars were needed just to carry my figures ! Fortunately I had boxed most of the stuff in the previous weeks.

The picture below shows the main part of the old shed with stuff stacked up and ready to go..

The second room in the old shed was a bit more chaotic.

As we started emptying the building it dawned on me that my gaming tables were not going to be leaving the premises. They were just too big to get through my house to the van. So sadly these would have to be broken down and rebuilt at the other end.

So two hours later a small copnvpoy left Surbiton and headed south west. Fortunately the M25 was behaving itself and we all arrived safely at the new games destination 25 minutes later.

Unloading was significantly easier as the vehicles could be brought right up to the new shed and with a line formed all the vehicles were unloaded within the hour.

Sitting in the middle of my new games room was about 90% of my collection

I say 90% because there is still some more stuff to bring...

That night nursing a beer I returned to my old shed and looked inside - it was empty (almost)  but it had brought so many wonderful memories...

A big thank you to Stuart, Mark F, Mark K, John, Tony, Vince, and Colin for their support last weekend. Without your help it would have taken so much longer.

Next up ....refurbishing the new gaff

Part 3 can be found Here


  1. An epic move tinged with some sadness no doubt, but so many wonderful memories of games and friends. Good luck in Shed MK2!

  2. The new shed is looking smart, all you have to do is get it sorted for gaming.


  3. So, now you just need new tables and shelving to empty all those boxes onto. Looking forward to seeing the new shed develop into a full-blown gaming space. :)

  4. Oh wow it's why I am never moving :-)
    Looks like lots of room to expand.

  5. Good luck with fixing up the new place! I hope you are a handyman (someone good with tools and odd jobs). I am definitely NOT...ha, ha!