Friday 11 November 2022

The NEW Shed - part 1

Morning folks

Just to bring people up to speed my wife and I recently completed our purchase of a new home. By Christmas we have to move out of our existing home and transport 30 years of life to the new gaff...the fact that the new home is run down (almost derelict in places) makes it all rather exciting.

On the positive front the new home has a rather super wooden building that will for the time being serve as my new games room (Mrs Shed wants to convert it into an air bnb chalet). This old building was used as an office by the previous owners. 

The building itself is about 30ft by 20ft and has a Loo, central heating and a kitchenette all are in desperate need of repair or replacement. The building is surrounded by brambles and ferns, covered in ivy and in some areas in need of repair.

Inside the office was abandoned, old desks, phones, computers and vast amounts of paper.

So this week I have been clearing the ground to see what condition the building is really in...the front entrance is OK but water damage and rot has set in around the base.

Clearing the ground has helped inspection

The building has been built on a slope and it was only when clearing the overgrowth did I realise how high the base had been built...before below

After clearing the ground

Inside the office has now been cleared - just some scrap metal to go

The interior is actually pretty good - needs a massive clean, a lick of paint and a new floor.

As work progresses I'll keep you posted...

Part 2 can be found HERE


  1. A big job ahead there, I wish you all the very best as Shed 2 takes shape.

  2. Quite a job ahead, but the possibilities are endless.

  3. Oooh that looks like the beginning of a fantastic looking shed, invite your wargaming buddies over to help decorate inside and out that will save time.


  4. Looks like a lot of work to do to get it ship-, errmm, shed-shape! :)

  5. Plenty of potential there. I've seen far worse on the TV show George Clark's Amazing Spaces that were refurbished and turned into wonderful structures.

  6. That's not a "shed" - bigger ground plan than my house!

  7. BRAVO!

    You are off to an impressive start!

  8. How odd to have a building so furnished (such as it is) when you purchase it. Good luck with the project! May you not find anything unexpected!

  9. How wonderful! Best of luck with the renovation.

  10. Very good, you could see the potential straight away and now clear it is shaping up to a great space. That is a superb breeze-block base and should make the shed much better protected from ‘lift’ by nearby tree roots (my ordinary shed has become twisted by them). Plenty to look forward to.

  11. Wow ... that should turn out to be a great gaming space. Looking forward to seeing you get settled in. Congrats on the new home!