Tuesday, 16 August 2022

An update for August

 Evening All

Conscious that I haven't posted for the best part of a month and an update of shed activities is most definitely required however before I go into details I'll give a quick update on where we are with the house move...

In a nutshell not a lot has happened we are still waiting on our new home to be given probate by HMRC so we can then exchange and complete. Believe me we are already to move in the Shed household. As and when things happen I'll post up details and pictures of the new games room !!

Plenty of games going on but I have been lazy and taken no pictures....sorry. All action reports are taking a back seat at the moment. As for painting July was a very productive month...

First up I acquired a load of plastic 28mm ECW infantry off Ebay for a bargain price (£30 quid for 150 plus figures) 

These have now been painted and added into my ever growing ECW collection

The new chaps include 36 more musket stands and 4 more pike units

With all these extra chaps I needed some more command stands - sourced from Bicorne and includes a rather smart King Charles

In addition to adding to my ECW force my Crusaders and Saracens have had some new reinforcements - again all bargains secured on ebay (I rarely pay full retail for any hobby supplies)

The Crusaders get 24 more horse and eight more heavy infantry stands 

and the Saracens get a few more mounted archers (fireforge Mongols with Gripping beast arab heads)

and another 40 infantry....

Thats about 250 plus figures painted in the last 8 weeks

In my next post I will announce my next BIG project (aside from moving house, converting new games room etc)