Sunday, 15 May 2022

The Saracen Army takes to the field

 Following my last post about the Crusader army it was time to turn my attention to my Saracen army. This had lain untouched for the best part of six years and needed some tender loving care.

The full force was rebased (as per the crusaders), varnished and more flags added. A full month was spent bring this force up to speed with a further 8- Gripping Beast foot added and another 12 mounted archers.

The total army now consists of...

10 x Command Stands

30 x  Mounted Archers

55 x Light Mounted Horse

22 x Heavy Horse

9 x Camels

28 Archer Stands (84 figures)

54 Infantry stands (216 Figures)

Approx;  450 figures 

Pictures below of the various troop types..starting with light horse and horse archers. These are a mix of Black Tree, Gripping Beast, & HaT

Heavy Horse and Camels - Black Tree?

The Foot and archer units - mostly Gripping Beast plastics with a few Black Tree figures thrown in

These Chaps get to fight their first battle tomorrow,,,

More soon