Friday, 1 November 2019

Escape from Mos Eisley

Earlier this week Alastair had the idea to run a Galactic Heroes scenario (a Fist Full of Lead supplement). The adventure would be based in the Star Wars universe.

For Alastair's much better report head HERE

Using my Khartoum terrain we fashioned together a representation of Mos Eisley complete with landing pad, alien beasts, and of course the iconic Star Wars Characters.

Mos Eisley

This was going to be a four player game with the forces of Good ( one squad lead by Luke & Leia, the other by Han and Chewbacca) versus the forces of dark (Darth Vader and some troopers supported by an imperial paid up group of mercenaries lead by Boba Fett).

The scenario was very simple, the Rebels had to cross Mos Eisley with a droid carrying plans for a new super weapon and escape via the spaceship docked at the landing pad. The Imperials had to stop them.
Han (top left flees Vader and his troops)

This was a fast and frantic game all played out in around two hours. A big thankyou to Alastair for providing the figures, play sheets and adjudicating.


Boba Fett reaches the Falcon first

The game was extremely cinematic and in no particular order we had…

Darth Vader wading down a street taking down three rebel troopers and clashing with Chewbacca, sadly the giant wookie is now a nice new rug in the Dark Lords Imperial apartment

One Dead Wookie - Vader at the end of the Alley

Taking Positions

Imperial Stormtroopers armed to the teeth missed everything they shot at

Real Lasers as Han battles it out with Storm Troopers

Leia using the cover of the Rebel troopers

Luke fought it out with his dad, injury him in a close fought duel and escaped - this was far to graphic to show (excuse for no photo ;-)

Boba Fett used his jet pack to get in amongst the heroes but game off worse in a firefight with Han Solo, deciding he had enough he jetted out (the rally roll was a one)

All quiet at the landing pad

Han made it to the starship first and dodged a succession of imperial and bounty guard fire.

Battle for the NOT Millenium Falcon

With a final flurry Darth Vader attempted to wrestle control of the craft through his dark powers only to ‘just fail’ and allow our heroes to escape and fight another day

A frustrated Vader


  1. "Imperial Stormtroopers armed to the teeth missed everything they shot at" - My fave caption ever, Eric. Great stuff and awesome looking tabletop. More please :-)

  2. Absolutely wonderful! Loved the table set up too.

  3. Fantastic looking game.

  4. That's a great map you had going on there. Makes me want to track down some Star Wars action of my own! Damn you!!

  5. Great idea to use Khartoum as Mos Eisley.