Thursday, 2 May 2019

Trying to get back in the groove

Lets face it the frequency of blog posts here has been terrible...I am, not going to bore you with excuses other than I seem to have lost a vast amount of spare time (if anybody can find it I am offering a big reward).

To combat this plight I have actually written three blog posts and these will get posted as and when required.

First up though are a few pictures from a Black Powder Battle we fought on Monday night (four players, approx 20 regiments aside) - this should have been relatively balanced but thanks to some fortuitous dice rolling by Alastair and Mark this was a rather one sided affair as they smashed Colin and John in just under two hours (probably the quickest game we have played this year).

I was on tea and umpire duty (practising for the upcoming Grand Game in Glasgow in 40+ days time).

Talking of which if you live in Glasgow and want to come and see 20,000+ 28mm figures on a humongous table you can buy tickets now from eventbrite. All money is going to charity

The evening tickets can be found here

I don't think they have released the day one's yet

Onto the pictures of Monday night

Most of the Brits stayed in Deep Formation (Albion Triumphant rules) and not surprisingly the French in attack columns

Thanks to all those involved


  1. your posts would be better if you included some description of how the battle went together with the pictures

  2. Thank you for posting...for the vast majority of battles I do post a full AAR - however as this post starts with 'I seem to have lost a lot of spare time' I wont add any more

    I'll probably delete this response in the next 24 hours


  3. Glad to see you back in action Eric. No sign of your lost spare time our way though...

  4. we al have a trough or slump sometimes. Try not to beat yourself up about it.

    I am going through one now.

  5. I too suffer from the hobby blues at the moment, but am rather sure it'll go by sooner or later. Your game looks excellent. Just the ticket to get that old engine started again one might think.

  6. Nice to see your post, smashing troops and terrain! Time,where does it all go?!
    Best Iain