Sunday, 5 May 2019

Romans versus Britains Part 1

Hi Folks

I promised you news sometime ago about the next big project - Romans versus Ancient Britains - and here is the first posting. As before I'll add links to these so you can catch up if you miss anything.

The good news is that my wargaming mate Mark is also doing the same project (as per ECW) - its our aim to field the best part of 1500 x 28mm figures for this period by this time next year. Rather than just picking a side each we are both painting Celts & Romans.

As of today I have around 250 Warlord Games celts  - I reckon I am about a third of the way through painting these -

In addition I have around 40+ horse (a mix of warlord, victrix gauls, and I think renegade) - most of the horses have now been painted.

Plus the Brits need fanatics, chariots and some more armoured chaps. Victrix has come to help out with packs of these which are now assembled

and three bags of chariots (going to need more ;-))

these ancient britons are going to need slingers and archers so the following dark boys are going to be pressed into action with some head swaps

On the Roman side nothing has been started but the forces are now starting to appear

There is about 350 figures in this pile of plastic

More soon.....


  1. As Ray says, that is a lot of plastic! Good luck!

  2. Good luck on the Celts. I painted about 150 for a battle Guildford Wargames Club did at Fishbourne Roman Palace some years ago. It nearly dove me mad!

  3. Excellent idea for a project! Can’t wait to see more progress reports.

    Did you also get any Victrix Romans or are they all Warlord Games ones?

  4. Will watch as always you churn your way through another enormous project 🙂

  5. I really don't know how you manage it, but good luck.