Monday, 7 January 2019

The Norman Cavalry

Thanks for all the great comments on the Norman Infantry and as promised here comes the cutting edge of the Norman Army - their Cavalry.

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These have all been exclusively sourced from Conquest Games and are probably the best value cavalry figures you can buy - 15 horses and riders for £20.

I have procured over the last nine months sufficient numbers to field over 100 of these - formed up into 10 units (each with 10 men) - Again these are based on a combo of singles, doubles and fours.

The following pictures are just a few shots of the painted forces - they certainly look like they mean business

The costs of buying transfers to do all the shields was going to be prohibitive so I have painted my own..

The charge....

First six units on the table...

Second group of four...

and now added to the infantry....

Archers and command stands next and then that's the Norman Army finished

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  1. That’s an impressive army. But I bet you’re avoiding painting chain mail for a while?

  2. That looks really good, a real army.

  3. Truly impressive and a serious commitment of labor. Bravo!

  4. As I said earlier, an impressive effort and a considerable achievement!

  5. also usable for game of thrones . Saxons for Starks and any of their allies . Normans as Baratheons . Add on your Medievals as Lannisters and kind of there ...