Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Has Photobucket finally come to its' senses?

As most bloggers know Photobucket decided to kick a nunmber of its customers in the the proverbials last year by discontinuing the service that allowed hosting of images to blogs, forums etc. The subject was done to death on the forums and significant negative press hit the main media airwaves.

Tonight I got this email ( you may recall I have a premium account which costs me about $90 per annum)

I have made the email italics

Hello ,
This message is to inform you that your Plus20 subscription has been discontinued. You will continue to keep all of your plus benefits until your expiration date. In order to stay current post expiration, we ask that you upgrade to one of our latest plans.
We've been working on some exciting new stuff for 2018, including a new plan which offers additional benefits at a far greater value.
As a valued customer, we are offering this plan as a preview to you before our official rollout.
You asked and we listened. Photobucket is launching a brand new website from the ground up with increased features, ease of use, and unrivaled performance. Here's a sneak peak of what's coming shortly.
Thank you for your continued business and please do not hesitate reaching out with any questions.

Have questions? We are happy to help! Email

So I had a sneak peak
and this is what they are offering....

it appears the service they were threatening to take away has been restored...
Phew...and what a PR disaster


  1. Interesting... so if you post them on your blog, or a forum like LAF, it's non-commercial and fine, but posting them on TMP could be construed as commercial use (TMP is a business) and they could drop you a bill on that basis.

  2. Kind of interested why you don't just use Blogger hosting??

    1. Yes me too. I just bung stuff on the blog and have no idea where it goes but it doesn't cost me anything. I think once, on my other blogs, which had a huge number of pictures I was asked to upgrade to get more space but this only cost £5 a year...

    2. Most people don't even consider Blogger for any workable image storage, since they don't just let your image go to an album containing images saying things like bike.jpg, vacation.jpg, etc. Instead they store your uploaded image with horrible "descriptions" consisting only of dozens of random numbers and letters. (With actual words like "bike" or "vacation" nowhere in sight.) What a disaster.

  3. I think those who found alternatives, with all the time and hassle that has caused them, are unlikely to return to the PB fold.

    Blogger is free hosting, but you do have an allowance, but I think it is only pictures that are wider than 750 pixels that start to eat into your allowance.

  4. I just don't get what the issue is.

    Upload the photos to blogger. It's easy, it's Google, and you can use the image url to post it on other sites.

  5. Blogger is part your Google account so you get 15gb of storage, that's a lot of photos.

    And if you fill it, just open another free Google account and host the images from there!

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