Friday, 28 October 2016

Wagons Roll - cheapo transport for the 19th century

As part of the Zulu project I will want to set up some Boers versus Zulu games with a Wagon Train.

The following idea cannot be claimed by me. The first time I saw these wagons was on the rather impressive Upsheet Creek Cowboy board produced by Mason. Link below.

The wagons themselves are pencil sharpeners purchased from a company called Shapenking based in the Netherlands. I purchased nine of these (they didn't have any more) for about £4 each.

These are diecast with the awning in plastic. This easily comes off. I filled up the 'sharpener' with some clay and etched in the planking at the back. The Marlboro logo just peels off.

Painting these and mounting them on 2mm plasticard was a doddle. I have painted some in blue, green and browns. The awning were all painted in Iraqi sand and dry brushed white.

Canopy On

Canopy off

In time I'll add more goods to the wagons -similar to the first I produced using 'clay' sacks

Clay Sacks added - a couple of draft horses to show its on the move

I now need to find some draft horses and oxen to pull these babies but I think they work well and are certainly cheaper than other metal wagons or the mdf versions out there.

All the wagons...

Wagons in a defensive position

More soon.....


  1. The wagons are great! It pays to keep your eyes open to non-wargaming items that can be easily repurposed.

  2. While they do look a little small for 28mm they are just about right (I think) for 20mm. What a very good suggestion. And loads of other carriages as well.

    Thank you for showing them. and the Link is really good as well.

    1. You are right they are better for 20mm but when you consider the price...

  3. Genius!!!

    For the same price also check out the Britannia range of 20mm wagons - they're in their WWII range but eminently re-usable...

  4. Nicely done! I have a couple of those very sharpeners, bought last year in the gift shop at a local historical site. They're currently on my to-do list, but your work here has me itching to get on with them.

  5. A good job on those wagons!

  6. I have a couple of these and they are sometimes available in the Gift Shops of castles and other sites- which saves postage. For draft horses I use those made by Reiver Castings (I think it is Reiver but I will check). They are chunky enough to fit in with the wagons perfectly

  7. No it was Crann Tara limber horses - 2 for a fiver, (And you get the limber too which provides you with an axle tree and is a good source of wheels.

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  9. I tried to post photos Eric but it would not work.

  10. Love the wagons will have to get some for my pony wars 20mm stuff ...

  11. They do look great! Are they too big for 15mm?

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