Tuesday 11 October 2016

Blam 2016 - The photos

Last weekend saw the ninth BLAM take part in my local pub in Surbiton.

BLAM is an anacronym for British Lead Adventure Meeting. Its an annual gaming event brought together by some of the key British folks on the Lead Adventure Forum. Each year some 30 individuals get together for three days of gaming, beer and food. Its all very hospitable and indeed the social aspect is probably the best feature of the event.

I have been involved in the hosting of this event (along with Mamalute and Captain Blood) for the last three years since it moved to Surbiton from Woking. The meet starts on a Friday morning and goes through to the Sunday.

This year we welcomed guests from afar as field as Germany, Scotland, Denmark, Ireland and Wales. Most have been before but each year we get a sprinkling of newbies to partake in the event. The only proviso to coming (aside from a cap on the numbers) is that you are a frequent and active contributor to the forum. If you want to learn more drop me a private message on the forum and providing you meet the criteria above we can open up the 'special boards' and introduce you to BLAM !

This year saw a spectacular array of games on show over the three days. Sadly I forgot to take pictures on the Sunday so I have added a link to the end of the post where you can see more great pics of this event.... Thank you...

Setting up the room - its quite small hence the cap on numbers...we bring in the gaming boards

BLAM in full swing

A big thank you to Mamalute for organising the personalised T Shirts and thumbs up to ELK101 for the design

Jack the Ripper - Thunderchicken

Dads Army - Pulp Action in Walmington Sea  - Eric the Shed

Masons Rim - An Alien Encounter - Elk 101

Stars Was - Mos Vegas - Jim Bibbly

Jacobite Rebellion - Andym & Gamer Mac

Muskets & Tomahawks - Hu Rhu & Mamalute

Texas Uprising - Mamalute

Napoleonic Skirmish - Matakishi

Star Wars - Damas (all the ships are scratch built)

Apologies to the following for no photos...

War of the Roses - Silent Invader & Captain Blood

More photos can be found here


Onwards to BLAM 17 - the tenth anniversary


  1. I really like the focus on the smaller tables (with bigger figures),plenty of inspiration there.

  2. Stunning games....a select group very high quality 😀 I m going to be copying your BP oil tanks

  3. Absolutely cracking stuff. Matakishi's cork buildings look even better on the table than on his projects page if that's possible.

  4. wow , especially love the stars wars and naps skirmish . Wish I had remembered it was on , I thought it was this weekend coming F**k :-( :-(

  5. Certainly looks the part. Interested in attending sometime myself.