Monday, 1 August 2016

The Shed Extension part 10

Morning All

Another busy weekend in the garden and continuing works on the new improved Shed.

Part 9 can be found here

I think I can safely say that I am getting towards the conclusion of this project which will not only be good for my sanity but also my wallet.

So here here goes with a progress report. First up I moved the window from the old back wall and cut this into the wall of the new shed. The single window wasn't giving enough light so I removed another from the first extension and put this one as well. The light certainly makes a difference but also ventilation is much improved.

The second job was to finish off the cupboard (Or should I say shed within a shed) for Mrs Shed. Part of the agreement I had with her was to allocate some of this new space to her storage needs. This was all framed out (including internal roof, hardboard lined and painted. She can move in one her racking turns up.

Next up was to get all the lights working inside. I had previously installed the florescent tubes but had not wired these in. With some trepidation I finished the circuitry and flicked the switch. They all work.

With light inside I was able to assemble the first of the shelving racks that arrived. These are all 90 cm long and 2 metres tall. The box says that each shelf can support 200kg. Don't think I have that much lead.I havce some 30cm deep shelves on order which will fit neatly in the space on the left.

You can also see how much space Mrs Shed's cupboard has taken up.. the area to the back left. By putting the roof on the cupboard I get to use the space above for storage

With the racks done I can now think about transfering the crap that has accumulated on the games table (we are playing tonight !)

The next job is to build my workbench in here. See below.

I have also installed a plug socket for the various tools to be used

With the weekend drawing to a close... a quick final job. Build a new wood store. The last one had fallen apart and with so many offcuts spread arpound the area from the shed build I wanted to get these under cover pronto. We use the wood in our Chimenea on the patio

More soon

The final part of the Shed Build can be found here


  1. It's looking good, but you do know the the more space you have the more stuff you collect right lol happy gaming & modelling Mr Shed.

  2. Wonderful progress. I see you've got the same problem I do - using the game table as a storage rack!

  3. Excellent progress, but as Frank notes more storage space leads to more things to be stored :)

  4. Now that is good looking storage very jealous now.......😛

  5. Wonderful progress Mr Shed!

  6. Wow, you are really making some headway, very impressive. Also, it has to be said.... Mrs. Shed within a shed within a shed? That's Shedception.

  7. Nicely done, and well planned.