Monday, 25 July 2016

Half a Million Hits !!

Good Afternoon everybody

As of today the Shed Wars blog achieved half a million hits !

Since its beginning four and a half years ago in December 2011 I have been proud to share my wargaming passion with the rest of the world. Its been great fun and never in my wildest dreams did I expect to achieve this magical number.

I can only thank each and everyone of my followers, visitors and above all those that have visited the 'Shed' for giving me the inspiration to continue. As always I'll publish the stats in my end of year report.

What I can say is that the content I have created across the last few years over a number of genres and projects continues to draw attention and in part it is this 'library' that is driving these numbers of over 15k hits per month.

If you have been following regularly you will know that I am currently reconfiguring my gaming space  - the Shed - to create more space for games, terrain building and new projects. Here's hoping that as I move to the next milestone of 1 million you will all continue to join me on my adventures.

Thank you

Eric the Shed