Thursday 16 June 2016

A new Kickstarter to get my teeth into - Massive Darkness

By chance I discovered Cool Mini or Not have just launched a new Kickstarter (end July 7th) called Massive Darkness.

This appears to be a classic Dungeon Hack game with loads of cool minis. With a pledge level of $120 there are a very large number of figures I want to get my hands on.

Cool Mini or Not recently delivered the excellent Blood Rage game and were responsible for Zombicide. I have also backed their 'THE OTHERS' game which I now understand to be shipping shortly. More on this when it arrives towards the end of the summer.

So if you are interested in fantasy style games it is probably worth a gander...remember the pledge is still going so the volume of stuff is likely to grow

More detailed pictures of the great minis coming...


  1. I am trying to resist. You are not helping!

    1. I don't think you should resist, Thomas, as I really would like to play that game :-D

    2. Well, might as well give in then. Well over 100 minis with 21 days to go.

  2. Seems we share quite the same tastes in games as I've backed all the ones mentioned! This one included!

  3. Whilst I'm into The Others for many, many £s the gameplay video for Massive Darkness left me cold. Then again, the long list of KS only models is tempting. On balance though, since I've backed another co-op dungeon game akready, I don't think I'll be biting.
    Happy to play your copy though Giles :)