Monday 16 November 2015

Warfare 2015 - A few photos

Hi Folks

I had the pleasure of attending Warfare in Reading on Saturday. This is a great show albeit let down by available parking. Fortunately we arrived early enough to bag a spot and then we discovered that all the parking machines were out of action...RESULT.

Over the last few years I have pretty much attended all the shows in the South East and to be blunt I am not really finding anything that new. I had thought with the excitement around Frostgrave there might be more on offer - new buildings, ruins etc to grab my attention but sadly no.

I went with £200 burning a whole in my pocket and left with £140 still in my wallet. I'll post up my hoard in a later post.

The Show itself really consists of three parts -

The Bring & Buy - chaos as always and again overpriced second hand goods

The shopping/trade stand hall - this was cramped, very busy on Saturday am - I loved the tannoy announcement that requested attendees to carry rucksacks rather than wear them...

The gaming hall where hundreds of folks push lead towards each other in various tournament games. There were also a few games of Flames of War being played out in the Squash Courts. Interestingly three years ago you could not attend a show like this without falling over FOW kit - this is not the case and perhaps shows the way periods flirt in and out of favour with us gamers.

The gaming hall also hosted a number of demo games - see pictures below

Until next time...


  1. I do recognise some of the games from other shows but most are new to me. I do think that FOW is no longer flavour of the month as well and am happy to look at other games.

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    1. Second attempt - having had to drop my daughter off prior to attending, I wasn't fortunate enough to bag a parking space. Appeared to be more popular this year, but I fear it may be outgrowing the venue. Traders hall felt very cramped and there didn't appear to be much 'new' stuff, so like you I ended up not spending as much as I thought I would. Still managed to get a few nice bits though, so not a total loss.

  3. Some great looking games there - the ECW and US Cavalry vs Plains Indians games look particularly good!
    Glad you had a good day out, though I'm sure you have broken some sort of Union rules by not spending all your money :-)

  4. A show I can no longer attend as it clashes with a grandson's birthday now, so I enjoyed seeing the pictures. Out of interest, perhaps the froth surrounding Frostgrave on certain web sites and Forum boards is just that, froth, and not a reflection of what the wider hobby is up to?

  5. Thanks for the lift! I spent very little too and only one impulse buy (10mm Romans!).

    No Grand Manner this year, disappointingly. I don't have your talent at making scenics!