Tuesday 24 November 2015

Frost Grave Minis part 2

First of all I am delighted to announce that I have now received all of my stuff from Northstar Games - which just about clears out my 2015 cash for hobby spending !

With the weather closing in the shed has been a bit cold so rather than developing a case pneumonia whilst building the city I have withdrawn to the kitchen to tackle some of those minis.

At Warfare I purchased the official undead encounter pack for Frostgrave. This gives you a few armoured skeletons and some rather tasty zombies/ghouls. These have all been finished aside from the bases...

as you can see I went with a red and rusted theme for the skellies..

The ghouls/zombies


I also painted up the two bears bought from Warbases
 - of course they have to be polar bears

Plus the Snow Leopard from Northstar...although mine looks a bit like a pussy cat

and finally I acquired two packs of Copplestones Yetis...these will become Snow Trolls. They are the same ones as used in the rulebooks.
Still have some more work to do on them...

Until next time


  1. Nice work! The snow tiger looks great especially.

  2. Nice work, especially the yetis

  3. Brilliant work they all look great! Really like the scheme on the skellies. Your having a productive month!