Thursday, 30 July 2015

Terrain Directory Updated and off on my Summer Holidays

Hi Folks

Just a short post today as I am finishing off work and heading off on the annual summer holidays...

For some ghastly reason the Shed Kids have decided that we needed to go to Orlando !

With a short trip to New York it will be Theme Parks and Thunderstorms this summer - oh well I am sure I'll find some bits and bobs stateside for the table.

Just before I go I wanted to let you know that I have now updated the Shed Wars Terrain Directory - the page link can be found on the top of the blog - just below the Shed Wars banner.  I have to say that even I was quite staggered to see what has been added since I started this blog journey

Happy Holidays to everyone  - more posts at the end of August - unless I get bored

Until next time

Eric the Shed


  1. New York and Orlando in the one trip, well done, have fun.

  2. Welcome to the states and enjoy visiting the Mouse. While at Disney you'll be subjected to the most effective marketing in the world - don't fight it - rather appreciate the high level of achievement it is!
    Stop by the Chesapeake and we'll go sailing

  3. Have a fabulous time, I shall be having fun ploughing through the terrain directory until your return.

  4. Enjoy your holiday, loving the Pulp campaign, looking forward to Part Three.