Monday, 25 August 2014

The Crescent & Cross - A simple review

On return from holiday I picked up the news that the long awaited sequel to Saga - the Crescent & Cross had been finally released.

So a quick click to visit the Gripping Beast site was in order. I purchased the rulebook and the dice Christian & Islam for the princely sum of £54 (inc p&p)

Two days later the parcel ARRIVED. Great service.

First impressions were wow this is hardback book - hence the high price tag. But it looks and feels like a real quality production. The pictures are great, both photography and art, and the layout looks straightforward.

A nice short intro to the period.

Some great pictures and loads of rule explanations.

The rules introduce a number of new units including priests etc

The battleboards do look different to the old style - can't help feeling that the layout of the original game was easier to read and play.

A nice touch- they added a playing reference sheet.

So how do they play...dont know and probably will not find out until 2015 once I have got together some forces. This project does however neatly tie in with my Pulp Egyptian themed project from a terrain perspective so once that's complete I just need the figures.

In summary a really well presented ruleset, a bit pricey but if they play as well as the Dark Age version Studio Tomahawk will have another winner on their hands.

Until next time