Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sandown Toy Fair - Bargains to be had

On Saturday I dropped in to see my folks in Cobham and my old ,man mentioned he was going for a wander around the Toy Fair up at Sandown Park - thinking this might be interesting I duly followed him to the racecourse.

The exhibition was enormous - must have been 400 trade stands all selling old toys - meccano, dinky, Hornby, corgi,  scalextric etc

Some of the stuff was on display for crazy prices and made me wish I'd kept all my old toys.

£2 Signal box - plastic

£1 Signal

£3.50 Bentley Sports Car

£1.50 Hornby Metal Train Crossing

This Level crossing will appear shortly in my next train posting

Bargain of the day - £1 each

Ill keep an eye out for the toy fairs in future as they appear to be fertile hunting grounds


  1. Those are good finds! I can also recommend Antique Markets/stalls as a good source of Lledo vehicles and the like, often for £1 each too.

  2. Good finds; I always pop round to my local Toy&train fair - usually something worth having (sometimes wargames figures as well)

    -- Allan

  3. Aargh I missed it and it's only three miles from my house!

    1. Ill be sure to drop you line on your blog the next time they are in town - my old man will keep me posted.