Sunday, 23 February 2014

CAVALIER 2014 - Some Photos

 Managed to drag the family down to Kent this morning on the promise of Sunday lunch in Tunbridge Wells. It also meant that I got the chance to drop into the show being held in Tonbridge for an hour - Cavalier

The following are a few photos of the games on display. It was a rather disappointing trip as my purchases were somewhat limited . Very little in the way of 28mm stuff !

Did manage to pick up one Copplestone Armoured Rolls Royce for my VBCW project. More on this in another post.

So here are the photos...

The Trade Stands

The Games Room

Saga - Crusader Style

Big Ancients Bsattle

Nice Walled City !

SYW Battle in Winter

Loads of Tanks so its got to be flames of war

1914 - Belgium

Massive table =- about 30 figures?

All the Germans stuck at the bridge

GW of course

Really nice participation game - bombing Berlin - look out for the hun in the sun

Another big ancients battle

Muskets & Tomahawks

Until next time


  1. Great photo's could entice me there - I haven't been to cavalier since late 90's. It looks like it's come along a lot since then.

  2. Great way to be able to go out with the family. Nothing like a little bribery! Too bad they don't have these in Japan. They might, my wife just doesn't let me know. Like when she gets the remote and I see that COPS in on but she'll act like it wasn't!
    Of course, I don't think they have these type of shows in Nova Scotia, Canada either, bummer. I may just have to start one, when I help out my Dad at gun shows.

  3. Thanks for the photos... Wish I could have attended....

  4. Nice one. I did not think it was as busy as previous years. Great pics.

  5. A show I'll probably never attend, for travel reasons, but still nice to see the pictures.

  6. If I had known you were going I would of tried to say hello. I had a really good day myself, Few purchases but a lot of looking at various lines. I found the eagle Figures line particularly nice when seen in the flesh.(I had spent most of my money at GB HQ on the previous friday lol)