Saturday, 22 December 2012

A Harbour for Pirate Island

Apart from the fort on Pirate Island I also decided to build a small harbour. This I am delighted to report is now virtually finished.

Again like all my pieces this has been based on a board 50cm x 50cm. This will allow me to develop an number of configurations for the coast line.

The harbour walls and steps were constructed from 5mm foam core and glued down on to the board. The stone outcrops came from one of my kids old playsets.

The most painstaking process was then to top the walls with crazy paving and the walls with ‘blocks of stone’ These were all card from thin card and fixed in place with PVA. This is a mindnumbing experience so I listened to all the Pink Floyd albums to pass the time.

Once the stones were fixed I turned my attention to the water. Again I used embossed wall paper and this was cut to fit the harbour. A few posts (balsa) were added around the inside walls

With everything dry it was given a solid coat of black acrylic.

The water was then painted ‘Dark Angels Green’ and will be varnished with all the coast pieces in the near future.

The walls were drybrushed in two greys (dark & light)

Overall I am pretty happy with the final piece and cannot wait to see how this will all fit together.


To carry on this journey click here: Pirate Island


  1. real neat, good idea for the water effect

  2. Awesome as always! I can't wait to see this project all complete.

  3. WOW, now my seven year old wants to make, only problem in Japan, we have little storage space

  4. Very nice, thanks for sharing!

  5. Very nicely done it looks fantastic especially the stoned piers

  6. A fine example of your creative mind and skill. Congratulations on your very nicely constructed scratchbuilt harbor.