Monday, 24 December 2012

A Christmas Ode

As a seasonal treat I have written a poem for my followers: (helped with a small glass of wine and a mince pie)

Happy Christmas to everyone of you, thank you for taking the time to read, comment and enjoy my blog.

Wishing you and your families all the best for 2013 - Eric

These are the tales of wargamers all
Playing with soldiers, lead and small
The armies are scaled for battles of old
The victory will go to the lucky and bold

The table is set, the forces arrayed

The generals arrive, none are delayed
The tools of the trade are put to one side
players huddle, whisper and confide

The game start is earnest with a roll of a die
The units start marching, sailing or fly  
A legion of lead crawls across the table
to create the battle of History or Fable
At ranges in scale the sides open fire
Some will advance and some will retire
Imaginary noise and smoke fill the room
Dakka, Dakka, Dakka, Boom, boom & Boom

All grown men , children will be,
Pushing their lead into battle we see
Their minds will re-enact the horror of war
But divorced from the power, shock and awe

The game goes on over fields of felt
Through woods and towns all home built
The pride in their hobby is obviously clear
The speed of a horse, the range of a spear  

Across the world, gamers regale their tales
the battles they won and skirmishes failed
In blogs and letters to the forums
They share their passion with decorum

Christmas comes with new toys
For our special Wargame boys
Piled up high and under the tree
terrain, some rules ans a new lead army

Happy Christmas


  1. Excellent!!! Have a great Christmas and New Year!

  2. Merry Christmas sir have a great one. Excellent poem!

  3. Very nice ... multi-talented I see. Merry Christmas and happy new year Eric!