Tuesday 20 December 2011

The Bus

I decided my city needed more defunct transport...the bus idea came to fruition when I found this model in John Lewis at £6.99 - bargain !

Day 1: Having pulled it apart - taken out the windows and spraying it black  it went back onto a base.

Day 2: With Stone, Sand and liberal coatings of black acylic paint we are nearly getting there.

Close up of rubble (cat litter, grit, blue foam, and sand)

Day 3: Dry brushing carriage in boltgun metal and tin bitz followed by loads of brown ink gives a nice metallic finish. The rubble has been dry brushed with two shades of grey....

The final effect - amongst the ruins

In scale with some beauties who still ply their trade in the city.....

Overview of bus route 47.....its going to be late

1 comment:

  1. That is a great conversion and something that should be done to real 'bendy buses'.

    The burnt out battered look goes well with the cars and fits in the terrain well.

    Cool model