Thursday 21 December 2023

A Very British Christmas War

 Afternoon All & Festive Greetings

On Monday the Shed welcomed eight players for a bit of VBCW mayhem using Bolt Action Rules. It was an opportunity to layout my interwar British terrain and get some of my armour onto the table.

As opposed to a conventional rectangular table we created an L Shaped table with the British Fascists defending the British Pie Factory (BP). Opposing them were a ragtail mob of Anglican League, Royal Navy and Communist Partisans. Alastair, Mark, David and Tony would lead the attackers and I gave them 30% more forces.

Defending the factory from forward positions were Sven, Vince, Reese and Myself. 

Simply put the attackers had to seize the factory so the Mince pies could be distributed across the good and equal of Britain. As mentioned we used Bolt Action rules but modified the turn sequence with the use of a deck of playing cards.

In remembrance of my late father in law who sadly passed away after a long illness the scenario was fought out in his honour and places named on his behalf

Suffice to say the game was great fun and everybody got into the spirit of VBCW madness. 

No full Battle report today but lots of great photos...

Above - the left wing of the table complete with railway line and the Village of Little Crompton

Below - The Pie Factory and The church of St Geoffrey's

Below the right wing featuring the canal alongside Mustard Manor and the village of Greater Crompton

A shot across the table...

The British Pie factory

Approach to the pie factory from the level crossing

The defenders move out from the factory lead by Big Red

Vince's facists take position on the pub roof

More BUF defending the canal bridge....

The Naval Barge gets in behind the defenders...

Mustard manor seized by the Anglicans after a furious firefight

The BUF cluster around the Garage - for once the fuel depot did not explode !!

Defending the factory

The Anglicans force their way up over the Bridge with a borrowed french char tank

The attackers take the rail embankment

Defending Greater Crompton

The Communist assault Little Crompton driving back the defenders

With the factory in site the Communists have won !!

A last ditch stand at the crossing

The Pies are free !!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

See you in 2024  


  1. What a splendid looking game! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Mr Shed!

  2. Looks like a blast! My condolences on your father, but congrats on hosting such a gorgeous game!

  3. The Season's greetings to ou and yours , Tony

  4. What a great setting - it really draws you in and must have been fun to game on.
    Merry Christmas and thanks for all the posts of '23

  5. Fun looking game 👍 Merry Christmas

  6. Certainly not a bog standard Bolt Action game.

  7. A cracking encounter nothing motivates the troops than a Mince Pie at Christmas time. Wonderful stuff.