Monday 16 January 2023

Every Shed needs a Kitchen !

Good Morning All and I hope you all had a fabulous New Year. 

The previous post on the Shed build can be found HERE

The last few days have been pretty hectic at the new home as we continue to settle in. A vast amount of ground has now been cleared and we are starting to get a little bit more organised. I think I mentioned in a previous post that we had installed a new kitchen into the annex where we are currently living and rather than throw away the old one I stored this in one of the garages for a rainy day.

That rainy day arrived sooner than I expected (mind you we have had a lot of rainy days in the last 2 months) when a good friend of mine offered to help me install the units into the new shed (aka Eric's super dooper new games room). Lets face it every Games room needs a kitchen.

The Shed already had a kitchen with plumbing but as you can see from the picture below it was disgusting. So two weekends ago Mark (my old neighbour and not one of the gaming Marks) arrived on scene to start this project.

The first job was to rip out all the old units and consider how best the retained units could be utilised. Fortunately we had a enough cabinets to create a workable pattern and by using some old cupboards also reclaimed on site we had sufficient building materials to build ourselves the new kitchen.

We took the opportunity to boxing in all the pipes and boiler (yes the new shed has heating). Things were starting to progress. By the end of the first day we could see things coming together.

In the following week I cracked on with other projects including the relighting of the shed with new led strip lights. These have made a massive difference to the light levels in the room and will hopefully be more efficient that the old flourescent tubes.

I also tackled the cupboard doors and repainted these with a specialist cabinet paint.

So yesterday Mark arrived at 08.00hrs and we cracked on with the build. By 3pm the doors were on, the plumbing reconnected and the wall cabinets secured. Things were looking great.

Total cost for all this around sixty quid - 30 for the paint and 30 for the new tap. Everything else was recycled including the stainless steel sink found in the back of one of the garages'

All that needs to be done now is touch up the doors, fix the pelmets and source some handles. Hopefully these will be sorted in my next post.

Apologies that there is little gaming going on at the moment but I am rather busy..

All the best

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  1. Looks like it will be a brilliant gaming space!

  2. Excellent job! Now you just need a bar...

  3. I think I may be developing shed envy...

  4. Very smart looking kitchen, wish I had a shed 🤔.


  5. Its great to see where a wargamers priorities lie I fully expect to see you sleeping in the new shed some time soon, and probably not by choice..

    1. my son slept in the shed over xmas so you are not far from the truth

  6. Coming along nicely! I installed an LED shop light in my garage and the difference it made was amazing.

  7. I am not going to show the Old Bat this. I did glue a knob back on our cooker last month but it came off again.

  8. Good job, planners have put a halt to my intended conversion of my Post Office into a games room. Long road ahead for me.