Sunday, 2 January 2022

Happy New Year - and what's happened in December

 Good Morning All

I sincerely hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy New Year ! Here is to 2022, hopefully a year that will be better than the last 2.

Still no news on the BIG thing I wanted to share last month, if anything this has become less likely to happen in the short term but you never know what might happen round the corner. In the meantime lets catch up on what has been happening in the shed.

On the games front things have been severely limited, I tend to close the shed up in the winter months because it is too cold and we reconvene to my kitchen for board games. However the spread of covid means that this luxury has been off the table for the moment, but things are looking up with the very mild weather experienced here in London I am opening up the shed this Monday for a game (s).

The focus of Monday's game will be the Battle Of Giniss fought during the Sudan Campaign and although a small affair it is best remembered as the last battle that the plucky British tommy wore his scarlet tunic in action. Why the Sudan? Well I have just finished painting a further 120 Dervish and have rebased my entire army...

120 figures doesn't look like a lot...

The entire Mahdist force now comprises of around 450 foot, 100 odd cavalry, commanders and a couple of guns

The figures are mounted on 5 x 5 bases with three to a base

My colonial forces will be augmented very shortly with a few Royal Marines and some more Sudanese horse (these were Gripping Beast light Arab cavalry)

A couple of months aga I mentioned I had bought some 3D printed tanks from the Tank Factory. I was so happy with these I bought some more for my VBCW forces. These include a couple more Vickers light tanks, a Char 1 Bis, A Lanchester Armoured Car and something else ;-)

If you are looking for great value 28mm vehicles and tanks I really can recommend them. They do however take a few weeks to arrive.

Back in November I attended Warfare at Ascot Race course and purchased a couple of boxes of medieval cavalry buy conquest games at the Bring n Buy for £15 quid total. These have now been painted and are awaiting instructions (ie they will most likely be pressed into action for my early medieval war projects/crusades. They are very nice figures if a little smaller comparted to fireforge.

AS for Christmas Mrs Shed bought me another 320 plastic Perry Napoleonics !! A french and british infantry Brigade so that a few more figures to paint in the New Year.

I'll start on the Naps once I have finished painting these 80 plus Saxons from Gripping Beast that I picked up on ebay for a great price

In the meantime I wish you all a great 2022 and here is to more games than last year !!



  1. Looks like a good force for the Sudan games coming up?

  2. Happy New Year Eric and what a sight that Mahdist force makes, unless you are on the receiving end.

  3. Happy New Year.. you can't have too many Mahdists!!