Wednesday, 26 August 2020

The Big Gun - A muskets and tomahawks scenario

Monday night and a return of a Shed favourite - Muskets and Tomahawks. We are still playing with version 1 rules as I cannot justify purchasing the new version at the moment. These rules always deliver a great game and lend themselves nicely to multiplayer scenarios.

The table was set up using a 6ft x 6ft configuration with opf course plenty of trees, rivers and a few log cabins,. The focal point of the game was a semi complete fort protecting a redoubt. Inside this redoubt was a large cannon overlooking the major river. 

The scenario was set as follows. The French have built the redoubt to prevent ships and boats from travelling up the river. The stockade is almost finished and is well defended by French regulars, Canadian trappers and some friendly natives.

The French had at their disposal the following

 two units of French regular infantry (a 12 man unit and a 16 man unit)

three units of Canadians ( 1 x 8 man and 2 x six man)

three units of native Indians (6 men each) 

Prior to the game starting the French forces were randomly disperesed across the board in the defensive areas. Both Regulars fortuitously started in the fort area

The British assault force was 50% stronger (in units) consisting of 

Two units of regular infantry (both 12 men strong)

Five units of Rangers (each six strong)

Five units of Native Indians (each six strong)

The British objective was simple destroy the gun and its powder supplies at the fort. Again the British forces were dispersed from random start points away from the fort.

Mark and I played the British, Alastair and Callum the French.

The scene was set for an interesting game.

In the picture below you can just make out the French regulars in the fort area, the British redcoats are advancing top left. Most of the rangers are hidden in the woods top right and Indians are hiding out in the Woods to the right.

The early part of the game saw some skirmishes outside the fort in the woods where the French quickly nullified many of the British Indians, elsewhere stubborn resistance from the Canadians slowed down the British advance

The British regulars finally managed to get into play quickly destroying a Canadian unit 

By now the French regulars were starting to take up defensive positions in the fort

The French manning the palisades were able to lend their support to the firefight taking place in the neighbouring woods

The Rangers eventually moved up to assault the large cabin in the village.

Our random deployment ensured action was taking place across the field but with numbers on the British side the French slowly started to retreat backwards.

The Rangers are finally poised to move forward into the fields

The continuous crack of musketry and rifle fire increased as more targets were spotted

Recognising that the attack was building a company of French regulars blocked the road and volley fired anything that got too close

A loan band of Indians quickly sneaked into the fort and before they could set fire to the powder they were assaulted and despatched by the defending infantry

As the Canadians were driven from the village they ran into a hail of British lead

By now the Ranger rifle fore was beginning to tell, their long range hitting the French hard. Darkness had fallen (event card) and with much of the French force destroyed they beat a hasty retreat leaving the redoubt in the hands of the British

This was a great fun game - both sides fought well but the numerical superiority of the attackers finally carried the day.

Something NEW next week so watch this space

Stay safe


  1. Wonderful looking game full of drama and action!

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  3. Great looking game ....we haven’t played M&T for ages but think we should have another go sometime.

  4. A splendid looking game...
    I do like woodland terrain games... I have my table covered in trees at the moment... ready for a game next week.

    All the best. Aly

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